Merry Christmas Customs Around The World!

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Merry Christmas Around the World.


Welcome — Merry Christmas

Santa Clause’s Name — Santa Claus. Kids leave him a bit of cake or rolls and a glass of milk or a container of brew.

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Welcome — Feliz Natal(Merry Christmas)

Santa Clause’s Name — Papai Noel (Father Noel), who is wearing a red, silk suit with boots.

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Welcome — Eftihismena Christougenna

Food — Special occasion cakes are prepared.

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Santa Clause’s Name the Baby Jesus is said to welcome presents on Christmas Eve. A chime sounds flagging that the Angels have brought the tree and endowments.

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Enrichments — Sometimes, houses are embellished with mango leaves; mango or banana trees are likewise improved. Little, dirt, oil-consuming lights are set on the edges of level rooftops as improvements.

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Welcome — Chag Semeach (Happy Chanukah)

Santa Clause’s Name guardians, grandparents, and other relatives offer present to the youngsters.

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Welcome — Kurisumasu Omedeto

Santa Clause’s Name — Santa Kurohsu. He doesn’t show up face to face however is envisioned in notices as a caring elderly person with a round sack on his back.

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Welcome — Feliz Navidad

Customs — Beginning on December 15, a few families convey bright lamps and stroll from the door to door in their areas, every evening, until Christmas Eve. This is called La Posada, which signifies ‘the parade.’ On every one of the evenings, the families are welcomed into various houses where they become visitors at a gathering. There is bounty to eat and drink. Youngsters play the pinata game, attempting to tear open the papier-mache figure with a stick while blindfolded; when it is aired out, confections and little blessings drop out.

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Welcome — Hartelijke Kerstroeten

Santa Clause’s Name — Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas), who wears a red diocesan’s cap and minister’s shroud and has white hair and white facial hair growth. He shows up on a white pony with his worker, Black Pete, to place little endowments in youngsters’ wooden shoes.

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Welcome — God Jul

Food — Coffee, cakes, and uncommon buns are served on Santa Lucia Day, December 13.

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